FreeBSD Port: netscape48-communicator-4.8

Parv parv at
Mon Jan 17 18:42:28 PST 2005

in message <41EB54DB.2090207 at>,
wrote Don Thomas thusly...
> I just upgraded my system and Netscape was removed....  Can you
> tell me how I can restore it so I can retrive the data?  I need to
> restore netscape so I can get access to my mail and address book.

If you are use (or can use, depending upon desperation), update your
ports' cvsup file to have at the end ...

  #  Netscape 4 (Linux version) was laid to rest due to "Remove all netscape
  #  ports with a vulnerability of JRE."  See ...
  *default date=2002.

... then go to your favourite netscape port's directory &
install/import/export data.

  - Parv


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