[SOLUTION] net/ns broken on FreeBSD 5.3

Konstantin 'Kosta' Welke damaker at fillibach.de
Mon Jan 17 13:00:42 PST 2005

On Mon, 17 Jan 2005 19:18:11 +0100, Kirill Ponomarew  
<krion at voodoo.oberon.net> wrote:

>> Can you compile it with gcc 3.4.2?

> Oh right, it fails also here, though pointyhat.freebsd.org didn't
> build the package at all.

There's a patch for gcc 3.4.x on the ns homepage but it does not
solve our problems. Todays nightly build does compile throu, though,
and seems to work fine. (I tested some examples and the automatic
validation says everythings correct)

Should we just use that nightly cvs build or should I try to figure
out what to change in the release?


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