[PATCH] devel/tclcl

Konstantin 'Kosta' Welke damaker at fillibach.de
Mon Jan 17 03:28:19 PST 2005


tclcl is marked broken on 5.3 because it doesnt compile with gcc 3.4.2
i needed it so i did a quick&dirty patch.
The problem is that in tclcl-message.h, member functions of class Tcl
get called, but class Tcl isnt defined yet. So, there's a dummy declaration
of Tcl, but i guess gcc3 doesn allow member functions to be called.
anyhoo, moving the include line after the class Tcl declaration fixes

the patch is attached and supposed to be run in /usr/ports/devel/tclcl


PS: this is my first submitted patch, i hope i did everything right
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