FreeBSD Port: opendx-4.3.2_2: Broken pkg-plist for 5.X. What does that mean?

spam maps spamrefuse at
Sun Jan 16 21:26:56 PST 2005

The Makefile says:

  .if ${OSVERSION} >= 502126
  BROKEN=         "Broken pkg-plist"

There is already a long pkg-plist file, which for
obscure reasons is considered to be broken for 5.X.

What does that mean?
I thought, pkg-plist is same, independent of FreeBSD
version. If I understood the problem, I could help or
even solve it.

Is somebody willing to explain to me?

Currently, I compile the opendx sources manually on
my 5.3 system, so they do compile properly.


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