Postfix: Mysterious undelivered message to root

Clint Olsen clint at
Fri Jan 14 10:48:45 PST 2005

On Jan 14, Vivek Khera wrote:
> did you activate postfix in your /etc/mail/mailer.conf file?  perhaps
> something is improperly submitting email.  a likely candidate is your
> nightly system admin script.

Yes, my mailer.conf file looks like:

# $FreeBSD: src/etc/mail/mailer.conf,v 1.3 2002/04/05 04:25:12 gshapiro Exp $
# Execute the Postfix sendmail program, named /usr/local/sbin/sendmail
sendmail        /usr/local/sbin/sendmail
send-mail       /usr/local/sbin/sendmail
mailq           /usr/local/sbin/sendmail
newaliases      /usr/local/sbin/sendmail
hoststat        /usr/local/sbin/sendmail
purgestat       /usr/local/sbin/sendmail

It's definitely something like an admin thing as you described.  I get it
at right around 3am every day.  I do have two cron jobs running that cvsups
ports and releases at 2 and 2:30am but I'm getting normal output from those
jobs submissions as it is.


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