i386 5.x packages pass 11000 mark

Kris Kennaway kris at obsecurity.org
Fri Jan 14 08:31:49 PST 2005

The latest i386 build for FreeBSD 5.x built 11016 packages (12213
ports in the collection, 779 ports IGNORED/BROKEN/FORBIDDEN on 5.x,
affecting a total of 1071 ports, with the remainder broken or
prevented by a broken port but not yet annotated in the makefile).

This is the first build to have surpassed 11000 (4.x is at 10849 and
was overtaken by 5.x some time ago, probably largely because of the
perl ports that are not buildable with the 4.x system perl).

For comparison, the other 5.x arches built: 

amd64:       9841
sparc64:     9601
ia64:        8996

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