Quanta/kdewebdev slow starting???

Gerard Samuel fbsd-ports at trini0.org
Fri Jan 14 06:54:37 PST 2005

Im currently using (lets call it quanta for now) FreeBSD 5.3, quanta 
3.3.2/kde 3.3.2
installed from the ports (actually upgraded via portupgrade) about 2 
weeks ago.
Everytime I start quanta, the program loads, then it has to sit there,
for about 30 seconds before anything can be clicked/used.
For example, I cannot open anything, look at the menus,
or enter data in the editor until after approx 30 second sleep.
Im double checking with the list here to see if anyone else
has been experiencing this.
I briefly looked at quanta's mailing list archive to last October,
but didn't find anything similar to what Im experiencing.

Thanks for your time

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