is openoffice broken in FreeBSD 4.x?

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Thu Jan 13 17:24:02 PST 2005

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Fernan Aguero <fernan at> wrote:

> So, if it was fixed after 4.10-RELEASE and I don't see it in
> my /usr/src/UPDATING (I'm tracking RELENG_4_10) perhaps it's
> already available in STABLE (RELENG_4)? Or in 4.11-RELEASE?

Yes. it was not here. please see the commit log by kan.
Even I havn't notice this recently.
I tried to remove _end patch after finishing our ooo-2.0-devel port, last
year, I noticed OOo runs without _end patch. So I googled around and
found his commit.

> But this patch is already applied to 4.11 sources, isn't it?

> And what problems it is causing? If I cvsup and update my
> sources to RELENG_4 or RELENG_4_11, should I need to reinstall
> all ports (portupgrade -fa) apart from the whole world
> (FreeBSD base)?

I don't know. Only port that might affect by this is OOo. However
rtld.c is very fundamental part, I cannot imagine what will happen
to you...

IMHO, it is safe. you don't have to recompile everything. just
only recompiling OOo might be enough. But I'm not 100% convinced.

Safest way to do is just upgrade your FreeBSD to newest version,
or 4-stable user, cvsup your src tree to up-to-date one and rebuild world.

thanks a lot,
-- NAKATA, Maho

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