Documentation for tochnog not included in the port

Pedro F. Giffuni giffunip at
Thu Jan 13 13:32:02 PST 2005


I am the author of that port. I openly admit that I was too lazy to add the
documentation and I don't have time to do it now :(. I usually leave my ports
without maintainer because I don't want to be an obstacle to other people
contributing to them, so feel free to submit patches ;). One way to go is get
the postscript files from the NetBSD repositories and add them to the port.

CalculiX can produce files for tochnog so you probably want to use it (an
update for it is waiting review). There is another nice FEA tool coming soon
but I think Code Aster is the most powerful and we are lucky to have french
people looking over it. 

FWIW, I think FreeBSD can be proud of carrying more high quality FEA tools than
any other free OS.



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