is openoffice broken in FreeBSD 4.x?

Fernan Aguero fernan at
Thu Jan 13 09:24:40 PST 2005

+----[ NAKATA Maho <chat95 at> (13.Jan.2005 06:03):


| > I am running FreeBSD-4.10p5 (RELENG_4_10), and would like to
| > know how to upgrade my rtld, if that's possible, and then
| > openoffice.
| from
|     We had minor but serious implementation difference in rtld.c between FreeBSD and NetBSD/Linux/Solaris which had been inducing very weired problem, and workaround also inducing a hard-to-track bug. It was fixed after 5.2.1-RELEASE and 4.10-RELEASE. Please see commit log also for details. So we decided to mark these port as BROKEN for them. However, an unconfirmed patch for rtld.c is available, and it is totally unsupported. At your own risk, and feedback is welcome. 

So, if it was fixed after 4.10-RELEASE and I don't see it in
my /usr/src/UPDATING (I'm tracking RELENG_4_10) perhaps it's
already available in STABLE (RELENG_4)? Or in 4.11-RELEASE?

| 	@${ECHO} "# fetch"
| 	@${ECHO} "# cd /usr/src/libexec/rtld-elf ; patch < patch-rtld.c"
| 	@${ECHO} "# make ; make depend ; make install"
| I don't recommend you to do it...even I don't confirm that patch can
| be applied cleanly. and in the worst case you must reinstall entier
| FreeBSD. I'm serious.
| thanks,
| -- NAKATA, Maho

But this patch is already applied to 4.11 sources, isn't it?
And what problems it is causing? If I cvsup and update my
sources to RELENG_4 or RELENG_4_11, should I need to reinstall
all ports (portupgrade -fa) apart from the whole world
(FreeBSD base)?

Thanks for shedding any light on this,


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