HEADS UP: pkg-plist strict enforcement starting

Kris Kennaway kris at obsecurity.org
Thu Jan 13 07:25:06 PST 2005

On Thu, Jan 13, 2005 at 06:34:32AM +0100, Lupe Christoph wrote:
> On Wednesday, 2005-01-12 at 13:08:36 -0800, Kris Kennaway wrote:
> > For the past month I've been sending warnings to maintainers of ports
> > that have broken pkg-plists (i.e. leave behind files after
> > deinstallation).  Now that we've passed the 4.11-RELEASE freeze, it's
> > a good time to take this to the next level and begin phasing in strict
> > enforcement of pkg-plist correctness.
> > What this means is that the port build will now fail on the package
> > cluster if certain kinds of files are left behind (to avoid false
> > positives I will be phasing in matching of the 'extra file list' with
> > a set of regexps that will be added to over time).  Thus, your package
> > will no longer appear on the ftp site, will be marked
> > BROKEN="Incomplete pkg-plist" and will eventually be scheduled for
> > removal should the problem continue to be ignored by the maintainer.
> > If you are the maintainer of an affected port, you will have already
> > received mail from me detailing the missing files.  If you've already
> > submitted a PR containing a fix, you don't have anything further to
> > worry about (although you might like to send a reminder to ports@ if
> > you think it's been overlooked).  If you haven't yet addressed the
> > problems, please do so ASAP.
> OK, back to a thread I started a while ago.
> How do you treat an upgrade? Both Munin ports need to conserve state.
> And they can only do that by leaving symlinks and files behind.
> Please refer to the thread starting at
>   http://lists.freebsd.org/mailman/htdig/freebsd-ports/2004-December/018592.html

There's got to be some way to handle the somewhat different
configuration needs of this port in a way compatible with the
requirements imposed on the rest of the ports collection, but I don't
have time to think about it right now.

> Kris, I have not received a mail from you about missing files. This may
> have been because the munin-node port was broken by the new environment
> variable ARCH. And munin-main only leaves files behing if a cron run
> happens while it is installed. Can you please run them again? Leaving
> munin-main installed for say ten minutes?

I can't do that, deinstallation happens immediately following

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