VPCE will not run

David LeCount snailboy1 at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 12 23:40:21 PST 2005

I have installed vpce (the Turbografx emulator) in
FreeBSD 5.3. When I try to run it, it gives an error
"couldn't open /usr/libexec/ld.so". I'm not sure if
this file was in previous versions of FreeBSD or what.
When I link ld-elf.so.1 to it in libmap.conf, it still
gives the same error. When I make a symlink, it gives
a "bad magic number" error. It was mentioned to me
that it might be built for 4.x, but I don't see why
the emulation in my kernel wouldn't handle it. I'm
lost as to what to do, but this port has been like
this for months so hopefully someone can look into the
issue. Thanks.

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