Fix -pthread issue on lang/gcc3[34]

David O'Brien obrien at
Wed Jan 12 19:34:58 PST 2005

On Sun, Jan 09, 2005 at 11:58:08PM +0100, Gerald Pfeifer wrote:
> Thanks for the patch!
> I know that David had a look into these issues and updated GCC mainline
> (with his changes now being in the current lang/gcc40 port), so I would
> like him and Loren who is also taking care of FreeBSD in GCC-land to have
> a look at this patch, so I'm Cc:ing both and providing a full quote.
> If possible in any way, I really would like to keep the port as close to
> the upstream versions as possible, not the least because this will avoid
> problems for users who want or even need to use these versions.
> David, Loren, how shall we proceed?  I believe David raised issues wrt.
> cross-compilation which would render the #ifdefs unsuitable for upstream.
> Would a configure option, which is then used by the FreeBSD ports, be an
> option?


I did not realize GCC 3.3 was still being updated.  Loren do I have your
permission to commit the GCC 3.4 fix into the 3.3 branch?  I assume this
branch is open to bug fixes?

-- David

-- David  (obrien at

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