VNCviewer fullscreen under Gnome 2.8 - loosing window decorations

Ewald Jenisch a at
Wed Jan 12 08:12:08 PST 2005


Since my original posting to freebsd-questions didn't give a single
reply I'm trying here - maybe somebody is experiencing the same

I'm running in a strange problem using VNCviewer (VNC 3.3.7 built from
ports) in fullscreen mode:

vncviewer uses function key F8 to switch between normal and fullscreen

When I drop out of VNC fullscreen-mode using F8 I'm loosing the window
decorations of VNCViewer under X. When pressing F8 again to bring up
the vncviewer popup window that should allow me to go back to vnc
fullscreen mode nothing happens. The only way to get back out again of
vnc is to terminate the vnc-connection on the server-side in order to
kill the vnc-client window running on my machine - really annoying.

>From what I can tell this problem *might* have to do something with
Gnome(desktop) handling the vnc-session and going in- and out of VNC
fullscreen mode.

Here's my environment:
FreeBSD 5.3
Gnome 2.8
VNC 3.3.7 from ports

all ports current "up to the minute" (i.e. I've done "portupgrade
-arR" some days ago)

Has anybody else experienced this problem? Anything that can be done
against it? 

Thanks much in advance for your help,

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