New Nvu 0.70 dies on FreeBSD 5.3-R

Derrick Edwards dantavious at
Wed Jan 12 08:06:27 PST 2005

I am getting this error after cvsup

make install clean
===>  Extracting for nvu-0.70
=> Checksum OK for nvu-0.70-sources.tar.bz2.
===>   nvu-0.70 depends on file: /usr/local/bin/perl5.8.5 - found
===>  Patching for nvu-0.70
===>   nvu-0.70 depends on file: /usr/local/bin/perl5.8.5 - found
===>  Applying FreeBSD patches for nvu-0.70
2 out of 4 hunks failed--saving rejects to 
=> Patch failed to 
apply cleanly.
=> Patch(es) 
patch-nsprpub-pr-include-md-_pth.h patch-nsprpub-pr-src-io-prprf.c 
patch-uriloader_exthandler_unix_nsGNOMERegistry.cpp applied cleanly.
*** Error code 1

Stop in /usr/ports/www/nvu.

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