Security port: automated integration in the mail/file server - to do or not to do ?

Adi Pircalabu apircalabu at
Wed Jan 12 05:18:32 PST 2005


I'm working for a security port and I noticed that none of the existing
ones integrate their filters automatically after install, regardless of
the agent they are installed for. Instead, every port gives (usually
from pkg-message) the necessary information on how to integrate the
My question is: what is the right FreeBSD way to handle this filter
integration issue? I definitely see two options:
1. automatic integration of the filter (probably from pkg-plist or
pkg-install), including the needed changes in agent's configuration.
2. the integration should be done by the user using the information
provided in post install messages.

Any advice will be highly appreciated.
Thank you

Adrian Pircalabu

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