Zope CMF

Filippo Natali filippo.natali at widestore.net
Mon Jan 10 04:01:41 PST 2005

on 06.01.2005 13:48 John Angelmo wrote:

> I guess that we havn't been in a portsfreeze since 2004-11-10? My 
> question was when there are any plans to implement it after the freeze 
> has been lifted? or are there dependencies to other apps that break it?
> /John


I'm testing CMF 1.5.0, it has incompatibility issues with Plone. I have
not yet tested other CMF related ports, but I think it will break some
of them.

Therefore I don't plan to update soon www/zope-cmf to 1.5.0, but if
needed in the meanwhile I can submit a www/zope-cmf15 port.


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