Makeing fetchindex really mirror INDEX

Alexander Leidinger Alexander at
Sun Jan 9 09:59:29 PST 2005

On Sun, 9 Jan 2005 18:02:20 +0100
"Simon L. Nielsen" <simon at> wrote:

> Mainly because we already have a ${INDEXFILE} target, and the two
> would conflict, so I thought it would be simpler to keep the simple
> target.
> make index in your patch only works because you don't define
> ${INDEXFILE} as ${.CURDIR}/${INDEXFILE}, which it should be since


> there might be a object directory.  At least as I read it, I could be
> wrong.

At the time I wrote the first implementation of "fetchindex" it was
supposed to be run at the time as "update". So the PORTSDIR has to be
writable (except I've overlooked something). If this hasn't changed,
there's no need for .CURDIR.

> In general I agree my way is slight silly, because it's certainly not

I don't think so, we just don't share the same implications.

> the right way, I just don't see a really clean way to implement it the
> right way (well, ${INDEXFILE}.bz2) could probably be used but it would
> still only be half way there).

Without changing the index target, I don't see a cleaner way.


> > BTW.: if I do it the right way (".PHONY: ${INDEXFILE}.bz2" instead of
> > adding " .PHONY" to "${INDEXFILE}.bz2:"), it doesn't work here
> > (6-current) as expected.
> I would guess the problem is also related to .CURDIR, but I'm not
> sure.

I don't see where .CURDIR is supposed to change the behavior here. We're
talking about targets, and I've specified them the same at both places.


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