teTeX 2.99.8 patch

Hiroki Sato hrs at FreeBSD.org
Sat Jan 8 01:47:06 PST 2005


Ulrich Spoerlein <q at uni.de> wrote
  in <20050107231315.GA894 at galgenberg.net>:

q> Not much luck here, first of all, I noticed, that teTeX-base now depends
q> on texihtml, however you are passing these CONFIGURE_ARGS:
q> +               --without-texinfo \
q> +               --without-texi2html \
q> So is texihtml necessary or not?

 texi2html is a part of the teTeX distribution, but it is disabled
 in build time with --without-texi2html to use textproc/texi2html instead.

q> The pkg-plist change for teTeX-texmf seems excessive. Is 1MB diff really
q> necessary?

 I do not think this is a problem.  This is mainly because in teTeX3
 the install directory has been changed from share/texmf to share/texmf-dist.

q> But lets do the runtime errors I encountered (just some quick tests). I
q> patch my ports-tree, ran make index, then portupgrade teTeX\* dvipsk-tetex

 Hmmm, I forgot to add a patch for tex-texmflocal and bump PORTREVISION
 of print/xdvik.  I put the revised patch, so could you please try this?


 Thank you for the report.  I think other problems you reported are due
 to lack of the necessary changes in the previous patch.

| Hiroki SATO
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