Shared library versioning policy

Simon Barner barner at
Fri Jan 7 06:09:51 PST 2005


I recently asked the boost-devel list to review my port of the boost
library, and on the whole everything seems to be okay.

There is one issue, though: Starting with Boost 1.31.0, I forced shared
library version numbers: so.1 for Boost 1.31.0, so.2 for the current
1.32.0 release.
I now learnt that starting with version 1.32.0, Boost has its own shared
library version policy: so.1.32.0

This raises the following questions:
 - Is this naming scheme compatible to [1]?
 - Shall I change the port to use Boost's versioning scheme?
   o This would have the advantage to provide a port that is more
     compatible to the official boost distribution.
   o The drawback is that the port with so.2 libraries is already in our
     CVS repository, which would mean that the shared library version
     numbers would decrease.

Thanks for your advise,

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