FreeBSD Port: xfce-4.0.6_1

Rob spamrefuse at
Thu Jan 6 22:41:12 PST 2005

Oliver Lehmann wrote:
> Rob wrote:
>> Hi,
>> 4.2-RC2 has been made available last week.
>> Any new developments on importing upcoming xfce 4.2 into the FreeBSD
>> ports collection?
> I've put an update on rc2 on You may
> download it and patch it against a up-to-date /usr/ports to test RC2.
> I won't import any beta/rc update of xfce4 into FreeBSD's CVS because it's
> not marked "stable".
> There are plans for bringen RC3 out this week, but I won't have the time
> to update that patch to rc3. (christmas, new year)
> I expect the final 4.2 release, which will go into our tree, soon.

Please be aware of following problem with Xfce-4.2 & Xorg:
and follow-ups.

After patches have been committed, all this probably requires a note in


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