mpeg4ip requires IPv6?

Scott I. Remick scott at
Thu Jan 6 14:31:13 PST 2005

--- "Michael C. Shultz" <reso3w83 at> wrote:

> portmanager uses /var/db/pkg/{portname}/+CONTENTS files which are built 
> by the ports system when ports are installed and fudges nothing, if the
> CONTENTS file says a port was built with an out of date dependency then
> the port gets rebuilt.
> With portupgrade/pkgdb -F what happens is when dependencies and 
> installed ports don't match, the +CONTENTS files is modified to say the 
> port was built with whatever dependency is currently installed, even 
> though it wasn't really built with that one. You've experienced the 
> effects of ports built with out of date dependencies with your mpeg4ip 
> experience.

Is there any way to get a complete new set of +CONTENTS files for all ports?

> yea, like I said its a short coming that will be addressed soon. If you
> decide to use portmanager make sure /var/db/pkg/openoffice* isn't there,
> move it someplace safe. 

Will doing that break anything?

> > Good question. Perhaps because I have compat4x-i386-5.3
> > (misc/compat4x) installed?
> That would explain it, is that installed for a good reason?

Probably not. I bet I chose it way back during the install process of 5.0 or
5.1 not realizing the side-effects.

> Have you looked at 
> yet? Its supposed to have up to date openoffice packages though I 
> haven't checked out yet myself so I am not certain.

Wonder if they're built with the TTF_BYTECODE enabled? Suppose I can just

Actually I'll probably uninstall OO for now until I get everything happy.

Question: How badly can I mess things up if I get carried away with

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