mpeg4ip requires IPv6?

Scott I. Remick scott at
Thu Jan 6 14:04:55 PST 2005

--- "Brandon D. Valentine" <brandon at> wrote:

> it would be worthwhile to do something akin to portupgrade -af that
> would rebuild _ALL_ installed ports, hopefully restoring the ports
> system and pkg database to a consistent state.  Scott might want to
> consider this as a way to clean up his dependency mess.  

I'm not against this idea. I've done them before. I just want to make sure
that if I'm going to do that... BEFORE I do it I want to figure out all the
things I should do beforehand. This includes what files I should manually
delete from /lib and /usr/lib and /usr/local/lib, what packages I should
pkg_delete, what I might want to do w/ pkg_cutleaves/pkg_rmleaves (neither
of which I've used before but I think I should), what should/shouldn't be in
/etc/libmap.conf, and what should/shouldn't be in /etc/make.conf. I want to
get it RIGHT this time. 

There's a lot of smart minds now looking at my issues, something I
appreciate. I'm learning a lot. I just hope there's some collective
consensus on what things I should do in what order. But maybe that's hoping
for too much. :)

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