mpeg4ip requires IPv6?

Scott I. Remick scott at
Thu Jan 6 13:25:38 PST 2005

--- "Michael C. Shultz" <reso3w83 at> wrote:

> did you try portmanager -u?

Not yet. I didn't want to start making changes until I was clearer about
what this new utility did and how it worked. So you're saying that the -u
option does more than the -s option suggests it will?

> It won't get your system perfect at first because it isn't picking up 
> many of the lower dependencies, likely because pkgdb made too many 
> changes to the registry,  I say you should run portmanager anyways 
> because it will start getting things right over time and never ever run 
> pkgdb again.  

So I should run portmanager INSTEAD of portupgrade for general
port-upgrading? For example, "portmanager -u" instead of "portupgrade -aR"?

> There is going to be a change in portmanager to allow ports like 
> openoffice to be ignored, but until that happens if you don't want 
> portmanager updating it you have to mv or rename /var/db/openoffice* to 
> something else so the ports system doesn't know its installed.  

So portmanager doesn't respect the "held" status I currently have OO in? I
definitely don't want portmanager -u attemping to touch OO.. that's over a
day's-worth of complile time just for OO... which will probably fail.

So you can't use portmanager to update just one port (and all its
dependencies, kind of like portupgrade -R)?

> I agree with you here, portupgrade -fR would be a better way to go,
> providing you can run it without needing to run pkgdb -F first. 

So anytime my system says to run pkgdb -F.... what do I do instead to fix
things? Does "portmanager -u" straighten things out? If so, does that mean
the ONLY way to repair the pkg db from then on is to have ALL your ports
current? At least with pkgdb -F one can fix a screwed-up database while
keeping the currently-installed versions.

> > I don't have any of those in my make.conf
> Why are they on your system then?

Good question. Perhaps because I have compat4x-i386-5.3 (misc/compat4x)

I can pkg_delete it if that's recommended.

> > That'd be really nice. I've been stuck on 1.1.0 for a long while.
> > 1.1.3 is much prettier.
> If its working, I say be happy with it.

Well, not sure it is yet. I don't dare run it because the last OO package I
installed was 1.1.2 and it did Bad Things... wouldn't fully load up and the
splash-screen froze and wouldn't go away, the tasks wouldn't respond to a
kill -9, etc. Had to reboot then pkg_delete. And I think the 1.1.3 I have on
there right now isn't 1.1.3 final but an earlier devel edition... I guess
this because portupgrade and portmanager both say that it isn't current and
1.1.4 is avail.

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