looking 4 a package.

long Story dead_line at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 3 18:08:45 GMT 2005

Hello subscribers.

   well im not on this list, but im on other lists, i belive the best place 
to submit my question
   is to this list if not then please advice.

   I do have a resturant running from 1 server and few terminals, all winXP.
   and one server at main office with few stations, XP to.
   I would like to replace the server to freebsd 5.3 like my home pc.

   But im looking for a packages that could help my needs, such as employees 
   web interface for managment and managers, reports viewer, whatever could 
   even administration webinterface package..

   I couldnot find something match my needs or it help, maybe i couldnot 
search good.
   so anyone knows about anything could help in this?
   a port or any software/package would do.

   I really REALLY would appreciate it too much,
  and im thankful in advance.


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