firefox crash with form inputs

Tobias Roth roth at
Mon Jan 3 12:09:30 GMT 2005


With firefox-1.0_7 (as well as firefox-1.0_6), i get the following problem:
Whenever i enter something in an input field or hit a submit button,
firefox enters an infinite loop and spits out
  "mork warning: unexpected byte in ReadContent()"
until killed.

This did not happen with the previous version i had installed (i think it
was _5).
Also, strangely, in the first two hours of browsing after i updated to _6,
the problem was nonexistent. then it appeared, and even a reboot could
not cure it. updating to _7 did not help.

I then removed my ~/.mozilla, and the problem went away.

greets, t.

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