Which CMS to use for small website depolyed on FreeBSD?

Palle Girgensohn girgen at pingpong.net
Sun Jan 2 14:25:55 GMT 2005

--On torsdag, december 30, 2004 14.51.17 -0500 Chris Shenton 
<chris at shenton.org> wrote:

> Palle Girgensohn <girgen at pingpong.net> writes:
>> A bit off-topic... I'm mailing this list to check if there are any
>> suggestions for a content management system for a rather small web site,
>> that is will be deployed on a FreeBSD web server. Open Source or
>> Commercial  doesn't matter. Optimally, it will exist in the ports
>> collection already.  If not, I'll port it and put into the tree :-)
>> It is not going to be a lot of modifications to the web site, no wikis
>> or  blogs, just a regular web site for an Opera Academy. The customer
>> wants a  webbrowser GUI for editing pages, and expects a CMS to manage
>> the pages.
> Plone can do that out of the box; the browser-based editor is an
> add-on "product" called Epoz. Both are in ports.

Looks cool. Zope, that means I can't run apache, at least on the same 
IP#... I guess I can always have yet another IP# alias for the machine... 
running on a different port than 80 is out ot the question, of course...

> I found getting Plone running, the Zope app server really, was a bit
> confusing: what do you do after you do the "make install clean" from
> ports?  There are now three books on Plone which should help (authors:
> McKay, Meloni, Cooper).

Any suggestions between these books?

> If you go this route and get stuck, somewhere I ahve some text notes
> on what I needed to do that I could send you. After that, it's up to
> you.  I'm fairly new to it myself but am happily using it -- as you
> describe, with Epoz -- for taking techie notes and such, nothing
> complex. It does understand 'workflow', like oen author creates
> content, then submits it to a site maintainer for approval before it
> gets published to the world; and you can revert a piece of content if
> it got published wrongly. Very nice.

Sounds good!

> Plone may be a lot bigger than you need, since it does have lots of
> features and add in products like wiki, blog, photo albums, etc. But
> it should do what you want, without worrying about PHPBB-type holes :-)

Yep, it sounds bigger than my needs, but if I can just not use the blogs 
and stuff, I'm fine.

Thanks for you input!


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