FreeBSD Port: Blender 2.36

David Yeske dyeske at
Sun Jan 2 05:17:19 GMT 2005

I have a patch that I am working on.  If anyone has time to test it and give me
feedback it would be helpful...

--- Vulpes Velox <v.velox at> wrote:

> On Sat, 1 Jan 2005 19:30:10 +1100
> Tim Forkin <> wrote:
> > Hi , my name is tim.
> > i am just wondering if you are currently working on a port for 2.36
> > There are some features in 2.36 that arent in 2.34 that are
> > extremely usefull (like face selecting etc. etc.). Please let me
> > know if are or not. If you arent, is there a basic procedure to make
> > the port?
> Not sure what is going on with it besides it looks really out of
> date, but here is a URL for it if you would like to help out :)

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