Problems with light / dark colours in Angband and derivatives

Christopher Nehren apeiron+usenet at
Sat Apr 30 20:45:51 PDT 2005

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I've been seeing a problem for as long as I can remember (and I'm just
tonight bored enough to post about it) where with any Angband (vanilla,
derivative like ZAngband or MAngband) that I play on a FreeBSD console,
sometimes the light / dark part of the ncurses colour value is set
incorrectly. I guess the easiest way to explain this is with a
screenshot (I love vidcontrol).
shows this problem most readily. All of the races (except for Human,
since it's highlighted) should be in bright white (like High-Elf and
Kobold), but they're in the normal white, as you can see. What's
interesting to note is that if I SSH to my system from an OpenBSD box
using a local connection to the OpenBSD box (i.e. the monitor is hooked
up to the OpenBSD machine modulo a KVM[1]) and start Angband, the
colours work fine. It doesn't make any difference whether I use the
132x25 columns mode or 80x25 columns mode (though the latter gives me a
severe case of claustrophobia), screen(1) or no screen. It hasn't been
problematic in Angband (yet), but in other derivatives it can be harmful
(notably Hengband). I've tried completely wiping out my configuration,
and have also tried running it under another user.

[1]: I was experiencing this before I obtained the KVM as well.
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Christopher Nehren
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