equivalent to partimage (ghost / drive image) under FreeBSD ?

Eliot Earle sfromley at ntlworld.com
Sat Apr 30 05:25:54 PDT 2005

hb4j at free.fr wrote:
> thanks mate for your understanding, I am a very enthusiastic FreeBSD newbie but
> newbie anyway ...
> by the way, what is the equivalent to partimage under FreeBSD ?
> I would love to be able to make complete backups of my installed/configured
> system, so that if ever it crashes, I don´t have to re-install everything from
> scratch ...
> thanks again in advance :o)
> hb4j

Look at rsync and dump.

For info on rsync, read http://www.freshports.org/net/rsync/

For info on dump, read `man dump`.

Personally, I use dump to backup the whole system to tape. But I have 
used rsync to move the entire system from one drive to another, to 
update the filesystem. You just need to know that it will handle 
everything just fine except the ability to boot off the disk.

Or you could just try running the linux binary under the linux 
compatibility layer in freebsd. It may or may not work, though.

It's handy to know that "kern.fallback_elf_brand=3" in 
"/etc/sysctl.conf" enables linux compatibility by default. But don't 
take my word for it. I could be anyone.


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