FreeBSD Port: kaffeine-0.6_1 - Possible Crash Fix

Jason Carter darkstalker at
Fri Apr 29 22:29:15 PDT 2005

Dear maintainer,

For the last year, I've been having problems with kaffeine on many different 
distributions, both compiled from scratch and binaries, on both GNU/Linux and 
BSD where kaffeine would crash upon closing the program down and would also 
cause problems with Konqueror crashing while using the program as well as 
crashing upon exiting Konqueror. It wasn't something that happened everytime 
and it seemed to happen almost at random. It was to the point where I was 
just going to completely stop using Kaffeine until a fix was found.

I believe I have stumbled across the proper fix for the problem. Checking 
through Gentoo's bug tracker, I came across <a 
href="">this bug report</a> for 
the same problem I've been having with the program. It appears to be a 
problem with xorg. After reading through the proposed solutions, I decided to 
try it myself by modifying kaffeine's Port Makefile like so:

CONFIGURE_ARGS+=        --build=${MACHINE_ARCH}-portbld-freebsd${OSREL}

...changed to...

CONFIGURE_ARGS+=        --build=${MACHINE_ARCH}-portbld-freebsd${OSREL} 

All stability problems I've had with Kaffeine as well as Konqueror have since 
disappeared after installing kaffeine with this slightly modified Makefile. 
For the record, I am using FreeBSD 5.4 RC3 with version 6.8.2 of xorg. If you 
need any further information, feel free to contact me. I'm unsure if you've 
experienced or heard of these crashes happening before, but I wanted to bring 
it to your attention just in case.

Thank you for your time and your efforts in making FreeBSD a great operating 

Jason Carter
darkstalker at

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