sendmail relay host problem

Olaf Stein stein.175 at
Thu Apr 28 12:26:46 PDT 2005

hi everybody
I am running FBSD 5.3 with sendmail 8.12 on a custom installed system (just
base and man)
The only thing this machine is supposed to do is send notification emails on
certain events on an ftp server
the ftp notifications work, as other mail servers I have tried deliver them
my old machine doing this (FBSD 4.9) crashed and I unfortunately do not
remember exactly how I configured it
What I remember and what I did on this installation is the following:
- add alias for existing user in /etc/mail/aliases
- run newaliases
- add relay-domains file in /etc/mail with the domains to deliver mail to
- restart sendmail
I am under the impression that with my old installation that was enough but
I am not sure
Fact is that it does not send any emails
Am I missing something I still have to do or do you know locations of howtos
for setting up sendmail for my purposes
please cc me as I am not on the list
Olaf Stein
Research Scholar
OSU Medical Center
Department of Radiology
Division of Imaging Research
phone: 614-293-9983
cell: 614-589-9229

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