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Stefan Winter swinter at kde.org
Thu Apr 28 09:02:07 PDT 2005


lately a FreeBSD user asked about Wireless LAN support under FreeBSD. I told 
him that it would be fairly easy to implement. He was enthusiastic at first, 
but didn't continue later.
Personally, I don't and probably won't use FreeBSD in the near future. I 
wonder if someone would be interested in implementing this.
There seems to be an utility wicontrol that contains the necessary code, and 
integration into the current KWiFiManager is simply instantiating one new 
class, see forwarded conversation. If anyone is interested, please mail me 
at my shiny new kde address: swinter at kde.org.


Stefan Winter

----------  Weitergeleitete Nachricht  ----------
> > I have enjoyed using kwifimanager under linux for some time.  I have now
> Nice to hear that :-)
> > switched to FreeBSD 5.3, running KDE3, on a laptop with an amd64/NVidia
> > architecture.  I was dismayed to find that kwifimanager is not available
> > for my configuration.  Do you have plans to adapt your software to
> > freebsd/amd64 in the future.  I am sure a lot of people would be happy if
> > you do.
> Well, porting it to FreeBSD would sure be a good idea. Unfortunately I
> don't have *any* experience with this platform, and I am quite sure that I
> cannot do such a port myself. Of course, a volunteer who is currently
> running FreeBSD would come in handy ;-)
> Honestly, I'd need some help with that. You know, it will only be a single
> class to write, a subclass of interface_wireless.{h|cpp}. But within that
> class, some in-depth knowledge of the wireless workings of FreeBSD is
> necessary, and I just plain don't have that.
> Greetings,
> Stefan Winter

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