OCaml updates may need some warning in UPDATING

Marwan Burelle Marwan.Burelle at lri.fr
Wed Apr 27 05:44:50 PDT 2005


I've just upgrade my port and notice the arrival of OCaml 3.08.3,
since, for complex reasons, each OCaml release break the binary
compatiblity, most OCaml ports acting like libs must be rebuild.

This won't be a problem, but building a port depending on an OCaml
lib, may fail if the lib hasn't been rebuild since last OCaml upgrade
(with some obscure error messages.)

Maybe could someone add a line or two in ports/UPDATING ?

(most of the time portupgrade -ru ocaml won't do the job ... )

Burelle Marwan,
Equipe Bases de Donnees - LRI
(burelle at lri.fr | Marwan.Burelle at ens.fr)
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