splitting courier-authlib into master+slave ports

Milan Obuch milan at netlabplus.sk
Mon Apr 25 03:42:46 PDT 2005

On Saturday 23 April 2005 23:33, Oliver Lehmann wrote:
> as a port or as a package? I've installed now all ports as package and it
> looks like everything works as well. Of course, the functional test I can
> only do with the vchkpw/vpopmail interface. Used with courier-imap and
> sqwebmail. As far as I can see, it works.
> Anything left?

I did some more tests and found one more bug in stratscript. Basically, 
ldconfig does not know about new location of libauthcourier.so (or whatever 
the exact name is). When starting system anew, there were error message. I 
changed start script this way (pseudo-patch):

l ibexecdir="${prefix}/libexec/courier-authlib"


 +       ldconfig -m ${libdir}
         echo "Starting ${name}."

and it works now - boot time error messages are gone.


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