splitting courier-authlib into master+slave ports

Yarema yds at CoolRat.org
Sun Apr 24 21:19:37 PDT 2005

--On Sunday, April 24, 2005 18:55:28 +0200 Oliver Lehmann 
<lehmann at ans-netz.de> wrote:

> Oliver Lehmann wrote:
>> Ok, you both convinced me. I'll change -base (allready done, I'm testing)
> It's uploaded now. I also changed sysconftool to a build-dep since we
> need ed during the install target and not later, and we don't need it
> after the installation for a running courier-authlib.

Oliver, as usual a couple of notes regarding the latest you uploaded :)

.if ${AUTHMOD} == authbase
CONFIGURE_ARGS+=--with-base --with-pam

shouldn't that be:

CONFIGURE_ARGS+=--with-base --with-authpam

Also you reintroduced:

This is handled at runtime by the:
patches.  Of course it does no harm, but there's no need to tweak the 
compile time --with-syslog= if one is free to tweak it at run time all they 

The pkg-descr-pwd still refers to /etc/pwd.db instead of getpw() or
getpw(3).  Of course the authpwd subport could be sent to the great 
bit-bucket in the sky and nobody would miss it.. ;) but I don't really care 
anymore.  Thanks for making PAM the default. :)

One last note.  There's a few places where portlint complained that you 
have blank spaces at the end of the line:
Lines 45 and 62 in your version of Makefile.ext
/\s\+$// will fix them in vim.
And a few places where you have spaces instead of tabs indenting the line:
Lines 58,60,61,63,64,66,67,68,69 and 78 in Makefile.ext
/  \+/ will find these.

Most likely artifacts of cutting and pasting.

One of the advantages of not having Makefile.ext as a separate file is that 
portlint helps find such things.  I ran portlint and fixed these every time 
I posted a tweaked version of the port for you to review.

And one last idea I had was that if you were to adopt the standalone meta 
and stand alone base organization I demonstrated.  Then the naming could go 
back to courier-authlib without -base and a courier-authlib-meta.  And if 
we were to go that way then why not a courier-meta where we could select 
not only courier-authlib BUILD_DEPENDS but whether to install courier or 
courier-imap and/or sqwebmail. With Makefile.opt and Makefile.dep available 
why do we need a meta port and a -base? This strays from the naming 
convention used by rpm based packaging.  Just a thought...


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