perl-5.8.6_2 threaded on amd64

Mike Schroll FreeBSD at
Sun Apr 24 19:08:17 PDT 2005

.if defined(WITH_THREADS)
.if ${ARCH} == "amd64"
IGNORE= Threaded perl does not pass tests on ${ARCH}

Is this still the case?
I seem to have no problems with make test:

All tests successful.
u=1.25  s=2.01562  cu=145.836  cs=28.3516  scripts=848  tests=87785

nor using threaded perl in normal everyday operations.

I have four amd64 boxes I can test this on (5.3-RELEASE-p9 and 5.4-RC3 
If any further testing is required, please contact me.

Otherwise, I'd like to see this IGNORE removed, if it is infact deprecated.


-Mike Schroll

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