splitting courier-authlib into master+slave ports

Jose M Rodriguez josemi at freebsd.jazztel.es
Sun Apr 24 10:30:55 PDT 2005

El Domingo, 24 de Abril de 2005 18:43, Oliver Lehmann escribió:
> Yarema wrote:
> > To sum it up not including authpam is more difficult to maintain
> > and the benefit is rather negligible: having a pure courier-authlib
> > which only contains the one authmodule you selected.  The benefit
> > of including authpam in the base is no patching to remove authpwd
> > from the base install, --with-authpam does that for you and fewer
> > authmodules for a user to consider: base courier-authlib for system
> > account authentication -- any of the plugins to use anything above
> > and beyond system accounts.  For some authpam would be sufficient
> > even if they wanna use LDAP since it's possible to configure PAM
> > that way.
> Ok, you both convinced me. I'll change -base (allready done, I'm
> testing) so it will install libauthpam, courier-authlib-pam will be
> removed. But I think libauthpwd could stay as seperate port. Most
> users (No user?) won't need it because of PAM imho.

I can't realize what can you get from courier-authlib-pwd that you can't 
get from libauthpam.

Ah, yes, you can get some mail from a novice asking you why this ports 
exist.  +12000 ports are enough for me.

Well, I'm finish a working set with courier-authlib-pam and 
courier-authlib-pwd, but I'll rework this without them.

I also made some other changes:

- maintain couier-authlib under mail:
  due this is now, more or less, a tribute to what exist,
  we may live without moving this to security.

- split makefiles in:
  Makefile -> for the metaport selector
  Makefile.ext -> imported from modules
  Makefile.inc -> imported from Makefile and Makelife.ext

- modules (Makefile):
  MASTERDIR= ${CURDIR}/../../mail/courier-authlib
  .include "${MASTERDIR}/Makefile.ext"

  so modules are ready to be placed in any cathegory,
  but they must define his CATEGORIES before.

- Makefile:
  CONFLICTS=	courier-0.45*
  add support for WITH_GDBM env
  add detection of USERDB and USERGDBM collision in options

- Makefile.ext
  add support for USERDB env
  add support for WITH_SYSLOG_FACILITY env
  CONFLICTS=	courier-0.45*


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