splitting courier-authlib into master+slave ports

Yarema yds at CoolRat.org
Sun Apr 24 07:53:23 PDT 2005

--On Sunday, April 24, 2005 13:56:57 +0200 Oliver Lehmann 
<lehmann at ans-netz.de> wrote:

> Yarema wrote:
>> Nice work with the patches.  Once again I have a variant on what you
>> posted  with some notes and fixups at
>> <http://yds.CoolRat.org/freebsd/courier-authlib-20050423.00.tgz>
> Ok, I think I got all changes you mentioned.
>> This one should be easy to follow.  The main difference is in how the
>> courier-authlib and courier-authlib-base are organized.
> Ok... but that I don't changed ;) I like it how it is now (meta-port
> shares the .ext file)
>> I think this is a cleaner organization which solves most of the issues
>> I've  raised and still works exactly the same as the last version you
>> posted.
> ok, what issues are now left where courier-authlib port shares the
> Makefile.ext file? What I can change is that the subports are only
> including courier-authlib/Makefile.ext not courier-authlib/Makefile. But
> I really think it should stay in courier-authlib/

No, the Makefile.ext vs.the way I organized it wasn't what I was referring 
to.  That's just an alternative I thought might be easier to follow.  And 
I'd rather offer code than lots and lots of decriptions of what I'm talking 
about.  :)

Sorry I wasn't so clear.  The issue I've been raising over and over is to 
*not* have a @pkgdep recoreded for any of the plugins.  I was showing how 
to do that by using BUILD_DEPENDS instead of RUN_DEPENDS to force install 
of the plugins.

This allows the flexibility to install and uninstall plugins without having 
to fix up any DEPENDS.  No package should record a DEPENDS on any of the 
plugin ports otherwise this flexibility disappears.

However OPTIONS selected will be recorded so that future reinstalls of this 
meta port or any ports which depend on it will ensure that your chosen 
plugins are installed.


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