splitting courier-authlib into master+slave ports

Jose M Rodriguez josemi at freebsd.jazztel.es
Sun Apr 24 07:07:28 PDT 2005

El Domingo, 24 de Abril de 2005 15:18, Oliver Lehmann escribió:
> Jose M Rodriguez wrote:
> > Also, I think an UPDATING entry must be done pointing that ports
> > that depends on this, must need BUILD_DEPENDS on
> > courier-authlib-base and RUN_DEPENDS on courier-authlib-pam to be
> > able of reading system passwd.
> I still don't see the point why we must force pam or pwd.db support
> to install? Why not left the choise to the user what "plugin" to
> install? A user who uses MySQL don't need PAM or pwd.db support same
> for me, I use vpopmail's user db.

Well, I try this slowly

three system auth modules come with courier-authlib

libauthpwd -> for systems with old system 7 passwd, with real readable 
passwords in /etc/passwd (very old systems, not FreeBSD)

libauthshadow -> for systems with system V shadow passwords, but without 
a pam lib (ej: Slackware linux).

libauthpam -> for systems with a pam library (FreeBSD).

And just one of this must be implemented. I think we only need 
libauthpam, allthough libauthpwd may build and install (but it isn't 
able to authtenticate).

without this, you can't authenticate or locate system accounts.  this is 
a fact.

Now, take out your 'courier-authlib point of view' and take this from a 
'courier-imap point of view'

If you RUN_DEPENDS on courier-authlib-base instead of 
courier-authlib-pam, you will end with a default courier-imap install 
that isn't able to read system accounts.  I don't think this is 

This is why I point to make courier-authlib-base with authpam, in the 
sense you can get from the actual pkg-descr.

This is not any set of auth modules, just the one base module needed to 
read system accounts.  And if you fill this dangerous or not needed, 
you can easy tweak authdaemonrc to not load the authpam module.

I think that it easy expect a pro user implementing a virtual mail 
system have the resources to edit authdaemonrc that a home user trying 
to install courier-imap can locale the real need of installing 
courier-authlib-pam to get his system accounts working.


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