splitting courier-authlib into master+slave ports

Yarema yds at CoolRat.org
Sat Apr 23 21:49:13 PDT 2005

Hello again,

--On Saturday, April 23, 2005 03:25:03 +0200 Oliver Lehmann 
<lehmann at ans-netz.de> wrote:

> I created a new version of the tar.gz with some changes:
> - libauthpwd is removed from -base and gets installed when the new port
>   -pwd gets installed.
> - .so.[0-9] ar now installed with 0444

The shared libs still install with the 0755 perms for me.  Most likely 
because they are installed via the ${INSTALL_STRIP_PROGRAM} macro so that 
they get stripped.

> and now the biggest change:
> - I introduced a --without base target in configure which is needed for:
> - I changed the configure and Makefile.in for the following purpose:
>    - only run configure in the subdirs needed for the specific --with-
>      (auth*|base) configure-target.
>    - only compile the objects needed for the specific --with-(auth*|base)
>      configure-target.
>    - install/sysconftool only the libraries, configurations, binaries
>      which are needed for the specific --with-(auth*|base) configure-
>      target. That means the ports own do-install: target got removed.

Once again, very cool. :)

> openldap.schema file didn't gets installed now since there is nothing in
> the src-Makefile which would install it when --with-authldap is
> specified. It can be easyly added of course but I don't know if that file
> is really needed since none ever told me that it is missing. I can't say
> anything about that file since I never took a look into LDAP. If someone
> tells me "man, that file makes work easier/is hardly needed" I'll change
> Makefile.in so it gets installed when --with-authldap is specified.

The authldap.schema file *is* needed to configure the openldap-server. 
slapd.conf(5) needs to:

include         /usr/local/etc/openldap/schema/authldap.schema

to be able to use the fields required by courier-authlib-ldap.  The catch 
is that courier-authlib-ldap does not require openldap-server to be 
installed, only the openldap-client libraries.  And openldap-server can be 
running on a different machine and does not need courier-authlib installed 
to support it, just the authldap.schema file is needed.
That's why I suggested installing authldap.schema in ${EXAMPLESDIR} so that 
it's readily available to an admin configuring courier-authlib-ldap. 
Otherwise one would need to dig for the file in the disto tarball.  Another 
option is to make a separate port which RUN_DEPENDS only on openldap-server 
just to install authldap.schema in etc/openldap/schema/ but that seems like 
overkill to me.  Samba is another port which has openldap schema files, 
don't remember how they handle it or if they do.


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