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> >> Personally, I'd love to see /usr/X11R6 folded into /usr/local, but until
> >> then, I think it's nothing short of retarded for apps to install into
> >> unusual locations to prove a point.
> >
> > It might be interesting looking at the work the pkgsrc people have done
> > wrt $PREFIX enforcement. On my NetBSD boxen xorg lives under
> > /usr/pkg/xorg and all packages are installed under /usr/pkg, not
> > /usr/X11R6 or /usr/local.
> I disagree with NetBSD's PREFIX. I would go with the global prefix,  
> /usr/local. 85% of configure has the /usr/local by default and FreeBSD  
> already has /usr/local (to kill the colour discussions), so all we have to  
> do is remove /usr/X11R6. Before you ask how we can test if the port is  
> respect the prefix, we should be able to find out very easy when you work  
> with pkg-plist by follow the porter handbook.

I wasn't advocating the use of /usr/pkg, but rather the way they
enforce it for every package. I personally don't mind what the prefix
is called, but for the sake of POLA /usr/local would certainly serve
FreeBSD better. FWIW, well behaved software should always be $PREFIX

On an unrelated note, I also find their buildlink system pretty
interesting, and have meant to have a more in depth look at it for a
while but, as always, there's only so much stuff you can do in 24 hours.

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