octave and heimdal conflict around fnmatch.h (was Re: issues compiling octave-2.1.69 on FreeBSD 5.4)

Joan Picanyol i Puig lists-octave at biaix.org
Sat Apr 23 07:50:03 PDT 2005

* John W. Eaton <jwe at bevo.che.wisc.edu> [20050423 16:23]:
> On 23-Apr-2005, Joan Picanyol i Puig <lists-octave at biaix.org> wrote:
> | Making this change allowed Octave to link cleanly. I'm not sure what the
> | proper fix is, I see several options:
> | 
> | 1.- fix heimdal to either use the system's fnmatch.h or provide an extern
> |     "C" wrapper using the __BEGIN_DECLS macro
> | 2.- make octave use the system's fnmatch.h
> Octave's makefiles do not add -I/usr/local/include to the compiler
> flags, so it must be that your compiler is searching there by default.

Actually, I set LDFLAGS and CPPFLAGS manually to ensure octave looked
into /usr/local. Under FreeBSD all third-party software is installed
under /usr/local, so this was needed to get octave to find fftw, ATLAS
et al. FWIW I suspect the FreeBSD ports Makefiles do this under the


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