issues compiling octave-2.1.69 on FreeBSD 5.4

John W. Eaton jwe at
Sat Apr 23 06:16:18 PDT 2005

On 23-Apr-2005, Joan Picanyol i Puig <lists-octave at> wrote:

| I've started a binary search to find out when octave broke, but I need
| some help. Apparently the breakage happened somewhere between 2.1.63 and
| 2.1.69. Unfortunately I haven't found the tarballs on-line, and I'm a
| little bit lost regarding octave's CVS branches. I've cheked out
| ss-2-1-67 and will report that, but the process is tedious and long, so
| any guidance will be most welcome (particular dates to try, or the old
| tarballs).

You could do this using CVS.  If you have ss-2-1-67 checked out, you
should be able to just run

  cvs update -r ss-2-1-68
  ./configure ... options ...
  cvs update -r ss-2-1-69

Or, if you'd prefer using the tar files, they are still on the site in the pub/octave/bleeding-edge directory (all the
way back to 2.1.0).


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