splitting courier-authlib into master+slave ports

Oliver Lehmann lehmann at ans-netz.de
Fri Apr 22 18:25:09 PDT 2005


Oliver Lehmann wrote:

> http://www.pofo.de/tmp/courier-authlib.tar.gz

I created a new version of the tar.gz with some changes:

- libauthpwd is removed from -base and gets installed when the new port
  -pwd gets installed.
- .so.[0-9] ar now installed with 0444

and now the biggest change:

- I introduced a --without base target in configure which is needed for:
- I changed the configure and Makefile.in for the following purpose:
   - only run configure in the subdirs needed for the specific --with-
     (auth*|base) configure-target.
   - only compile the objects needed for the specific --with-(auth*|base)
   - install/sysconftool only the libraries, configurations, binaries
     which are needed for the specific --with-(auth*|base) configure-
     target. That means the ports own do-install: target got removed.

openldap.schema file didn't gets installed now since there is nothing in
the src-Makefile which would install it when --with-authldap is
specified. It can be easyly added of course but I don't know if that file
is really needed since none ever told me that it is missing. I can't say
anything about that file since I never took a look into LDAP. If someone
tells me "man, that file makes work easier/is hardly needed" I'll change
Makefile.in so it gets installed when --with-authldap is specified.

And of course, I'll send my patches when they are done, working, tested,
checked-in to the original author.

 Oliver Lehmann

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