Bug in Tripwire-131 port

Hans Petter Selasky hselasky at c2i.net
Fri Apr 22 12:33:46 PDT 2005


I looked at the Tripwire-131 port in 6-current, 
(/usr/ports/security/tripwire-131/), and noticed that the Makefile has 
support for creating a floppy. I looked at the commands used and the 
following does not make sense to me:

${GZIP_CMD} < ${PREFIX}/bin/tripwire > /mnt/tripwire
${GZIP_CMD} < /usr/bin/gunzip > /mnt/gunzip

The twcheck script put into /mnt/ is then supposed to execute ./tripwire 
and ./gunzip, but that is not possible ? I get:

gzip < /usr/bin/gunzip > gunzip
chmod 555 gunzip

./gunzip: Exec format error. Binary file not executable.

Am I missing something here ?

The solution is to change:

${GZIP_CMD} < /usr/bin/gunzip > /mnt/gunzip


cat /usr/bin/gunzip > /mnt/gunzip

The database should be compressed though.


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