Adding my CDRW device to k3b

Michael Nottebrock michaelnottebrock at
Thu Apr 21 19:21:43 PDT 2005

On Friday, 22. April 2005 03:35, Danny Pansters wrote:
> OK, let it be clear that the cdrdao thing is a problem of the software
> itself (as in: not needed to be root if done right), but certainly for us
> with devfs and proper permissions and group membership this can be solved
> without any problems or upstream changes. I can burn CDs alright but the
> GUI throws the warning nonetheless (simply because of cdrdao not being suid
> root? -- suid root shouldn't be needed at all).

Only if cdrdao is suid root, it can set itself to realtime priority during 
burning, which is a feature. This used to be more important back when the 
machines were slower and buffer underruns meant burning coasters. You can 
turn off the permissions check (and all other similar checks) with k3b's 
options, Misc tab, Check system configuration checkbox.

> I recently discovered another problem with k3b: Try to burn a 5.4-RC3 iso
> with it. Booting off it wouldn't work, and after pulling out a modest
> amount of hair I mounted the CD, and yes, there was one single file called
> blah.iso on the CD :)

And you're sure you used the Tools/CD/Burn CD Image menu to do that?

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