pkg_add -r fails because of locked dirs

Chris chrcoluk at
Wed Apr 20 07:23:41 PDT 2005

Hi I manually logged into today and noticed the following.

CWD packages-5.3-release
550 Can't change directory to packages-5.3-release: Permission denied

the same for 5.4-release and 4.11-release only packages-5-stable and
packages-4-stable work, meaning that only users following a STABLE
branch can use pkg_add -r right now, is this a permanent change and if
so what happens to people using a release do they all have to search
for a mirror with the dir open?

Reason is I was in the middle of a writing a guide for an author of a
common webhosting panel and giving him commands for easy installation
of a package but now it seems the process is suddenly more complicated
because pkg_add -r wont work, for now I will do an alternative of
fetching the package from 5-stable then a pkg_add with the filename.

Please cc to my email as I am not subscribed to this list, thanks


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