splitting courier-authlib into master+slave ports

Milan Obuch ports at dino.sk
Mon Apr 18 22:27:46 PDT 2005

On Tuesday 19 April 2005 02:29, Oliver Lehmann wrote:
> Milan Obuch wrote:
> > First, there is small bug when installing courier-authlib - installed
> > authdaemonrc lists all possible authentication modules, which is not
> > really what most users want - they would like list only installed
> > modules.
> courier-authlib will only use the installed modules... even if more
> modules are listed so I see no problem?

Technically, none. Administratively, it is a bit misleading offering for use 
something not installed on the system.
Taken from authdaemonrc:

##NAME: authmodulelist:2
# The authentication modules that are linked into authdaemond.  The
# default list is installed.  You may selectively disable modules simply
# by removing them from the following list.  The available modules you
# can use are: authuserdb authpam authpwd authldap authmysql authpgsql 

authmodulelist="authuserdb authpam authpwd authldap authmysql authpgsql 

##NAME: authmodulelistorig:2
# This setting is used by Courier's webadmin module, and should be left
# alone

authmodulelistorig="authuserdb authpam authpwd authldap authmysql authpgsql 

Note explicitly telling 'available modules...' which is plain wrong. Those 
modules are not available because they are not installed at all, only a 
subset from them is. For not-so-skilled administrator this could lead to 
painfull looking for error source.
One more notice at this - current courier-authlib port generates both 
authmodulelist and authmodulelistorig according to options selected, I think 
this behaviour should not change, because it is perfectly understandable and 
clear, no misleading offering.

> > Second, it would be nice if, after installing courier-authlib, user gets
> > message saying 'only basic authpwd module installed, consider adding
> > courier-authlib-??? package'.
> I'll think about it.

Maybe pkg-message? If someone installs only courier-authlib, he sees that so 
he is reminded something could be missing (if he is used to current 
Other than those two points, I think idea of splitting courier-authlib into 
subports is good. Maybe move from ports/mail to ports/security should be 
emphasized, too.

> > Third, when additional authentication module is installed, 'make
> > deinstall' in main port should not delete courier-authlib when not
> > explicitly forced. I think this should be justified.
> That is "works as designed". Try any other port... if you want to change
> that behaviour, fix bsd.port.mk and send-pr But that behaviour will
> remain I guess ;)

OK, lesson taken. No more objection there. I just did not observe difference 
between 'make deinstall' and 'pkg_delete'.

What about my other suggestion for using configure with one more 
'--cache-file=/tmp/courier.cache' argument? This recommendation comes 
actually from courier-users mailing list, and speeds up a lot whole 
installation process. Only drawback is possibility for using bad cached 
configure cache, which could be easily adjusted by first removing it. Or 
maybe it could be located in workdir. I would like to see this added. I just 
did a test - with this option added it took 8:35, without 11:00. Not a 
scientific test, but if someone would like to add one or more subports, gain 
is more. Gain will be even more signifficant if cache could be reused for all 
compilations for both main port and slave ports, but I have no idea now how 
to achieve this safely.

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