Cuestion about ltmdm-1.4

Alejandro Ackermann aleac at
Sun Apr 17 04:07:57 PDT 2005

I send this mail because I have a winmodem with a chipset Lucent Agere and I
have tried to use the drivers ltmdm-1.4 and ltmdm-1.4_5 on a FreeBSD 4-10
but they didn't work. I think it happen because I have attached the modem in
the COM 4. I can't use COM 1 or 2. So I can't use /dev/cual0.

I want to know if I can change some parameters or do something in order to
use /dev/cual3.

Excuse my english and my ignorance but I had been searching in Google but I
can't find anything to resolve my problem.

I hope can help me.

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